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Developer World news: Develop for SmartWatch 2 - the latest in wearable technology from Sony

This month: tips, tools and tutorials to start developing for the Sony SmartWatch 2

Hi Developer World-reader,

Are you ready to jump ahead of your competition? In this issue, it's all about developing for our latest smart accessory, the Sony SmartWatch 2:

Alongside the SmartWatch 2 we've also released an updated Sony Add-on SDK that contains everything necessary to make your own Android app extensions for the SmartWatch 2.
If you're new to creating app extensions for Sony SmartWatch 2, this is a tutorial which will walk you through everything you need to know to get you up and running with your app extension development. Or, if you have an existing SmartWatch application, check out this guide to ensure it's fully compatiblewith the SmartWatch 2.
And don't forget - our Stand out from the crowd campaign is your big chance to get your promising project off the ground with promotional opportunities and other essential benefits from Sony!For more news, check out the sections below, or visit Developer World for all the latest updates.

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Sony Add-on SDK 2.0 is out now

With the latest release of the Sony Add-on SDK you'll not only find updated APIs anddocumentation necessary to take control of the SmartWatch 2, but you'll also find code examples to use as a handy starting point when creating your own SmartWatch 2 optimised apps. Sony Add-on SDK houses other APIs too, for example, the Camera Add-on API for Xperia™ Z1.

Extend your apps to SmartWatch 2

We've put together a quick tutorial that shows you, from start to finish, what programs you need, files you should use, and tools you can make use of, and the steps involved in creating your own app extension for Sony SmartWatch 2. Read more on Developer World!

Consider these tips to help your SmartWatch 2 development
If you wish to learn more about best practices for your SmartWatch 2 app development, from how much data your app extension sends to recommended resolutions and other display considerations, then make sure to check out our five important tipsarticle!

Add C 2 support to your original SmartWatch extension
For app extensions developed for the first SmartWatch that use the Notification API, Control API or Widget API included in the Smart Extension APIs, some minor updates are needed in order to be optimised for SmartWatch 2. Read on for the important details on adding compatibility to ensure that your app extension is usable for both Sony SmartWatches.

Featured app of the month: Runtastic

Runtastic is a comprehensive sport and fitness application that tracks a wide array of activities, and really takes advantage of the SmartWatch 2 as the ultimate training companion. If you want your app to be promoted by Sony, check out the Stand out from the crowd programme for more information.

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